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Welcome to Eagle Creek Apartments and Homes, Home Page.  Here you will find information on all of The Eagle Creek Properties, and a whole lot more!  If you are a prospective tenant or a current tenant, this site has all kinds of information ... from information about your Lease, to availability of properties. For those of you who don't know me, I should introduce myself.  My name is Chuck Earley, and over the last 18 years, with the help from my two sons, Michael, and Ryan, and my wife Nancy and a God given determination ...  we have managed to build three Apartment buildings and remodel four houses.   All of which now make up "Eagle Creek Apartments and Homes".   The apartments and houses are close to Nebraska Wesleyan University and the U.N.L. East Campus. therefore, each property was specifically designed and built with the student in mind. In 1996, we built a four-plex, called Eagle Creek.  We named it after my Great- Grandfather's ranch near O'Neill, Nebraska.  We got great satisfaction from this achievement, and decided to do another, and then another. In 2000 we completed Little Eagle Creek, a three-plex, and one year later Little Eagle Creek II, a four-plex.  Some apartments even have:   fireplaces, skylights, stair lights, washers and dryers, a full bathroom for every bedroom, and decks overlooking University Place Park.  (We may have gotten carried away some, but we wanted to out do those new NWU dorms by a mile!)  To obtain the land to build the Little Eagle Creek Project,  we even had to move three houses to different lots in the city.  Those houses were then completely remodeled.  One house went to:   547 No. 57th St., (sold in June 2010)) and the other to:  5044 Fremont St.. (sold in Dec 2010) In 2004 we added another home at 4946 Garland St , which in the summer of 2006, we moved  to 5219 Garland , which was completed in June of 2007  . The now empty lot at 4946 Garland will be the future site of our forth apartment building. Our goal is to keep all of these properties updated and in like new condition, and offer them at a fair price. We have never increased any rent, as of 2006.  We also strive to make a special effort  to get to know our renters, and to quickly take care of any problems that they may have with their apartments or houses.  What sets us apart from larger rental companies, is that we are owner-managed and, therefore, take great pride in the quality of our apartments and homes, as well as our tenants ... who, by the way, we are determined to keep happy.  The location of the apartments and homes to major colleges in the Lincoln area is also a big plus, as well as our competitive prices  and their being in one of Lincoln's safest neighborhoods.  As you can see, we definitely did not build mega-apartment complexes.  But when it comes to housing for students, we think that smaller apartment buildings are better.  We have found that the smaller apartments seem to attract the brightest students ...  the students that know what they are in college for.  They seem to have a different goal in mind. These are the years that young people choose the path that they will take throughout  most of their life.  The path that will "set them up for life", you might say.  Those beaten down paths that do not offer many options along the way, are of course, the easiest but the least rewarding.  Most of our past and current tenants have chosen more difficult academic majors ...  the ones not just anyone can handle.  They realize that a few years of hard work now, for the continual dividends paid out along the way is really trivial in the overall scheme of things. They also know that regardless of the path they choose, all are equally taxing over the long haul.  So what starts hard, gets easier; and what starts easy, gets tougher. (Heavy but true).   When you read about the drop out rate for students not living on campus, just remember people go to college for many different reasons, and we think living on campus has little to do with this rate.  In fact, we have not seen any of our tenants not complete their education.  They just keep focused. We, at Eagle Creek Apartments and Homes, want to help them achieve their goals, by providing a quite, peaceful and highly maintained apartment or house very close to school, in which to live and study.  We have had the privilege to have many outstanding individuals stay with us ... all students.  Thanks to all of our present and future friends, and especially to our past renters, whom we got to know and care about, and now miss.  We wish you all the very best  in all you do and I offer some advice: Be happy and never forget God exists and wants you to keep your eyes on the eternal. When you have doubts of this, and you will, read again about the predicted public miracle that took place at Fatima, Portugal on October 13th, 1917  or the miracles of Guadalupe Only God can suspend the laws of physics. So there you have it, look around and if you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you.  I hope that through this site, current tenants will have an even easier way to keep in touch with us via e-mail ,  and find within these web pages the needed information to care for their apartment or house, all of which will make property management even more efficient! Thanks for choosing Eagle Creek Apartments and Homes.                                          CU around                                                Chuck
UPDATE 05/01/18  contact us ce66396@msn.com 402-438-2234-home 402-416-2875 text or call  AVAILABILITY LIST UNW, UNL East Campus, UNL Main Campus, UNMC , and Bryan Nursing   For school year 2018-2019 We have received requests for what might be available for next school year  At this time we are full  for May 2018-May 2019  available use buttons on right of page for more details on each we also have current tenants looking for roommates  If you are interested in something and you like to be placed on a waiting list please print an application (right of home screen) fill it out and send it to us.  These are what we know at this time, this area of the website will be updated as new information becomes available. Thank You for looking WE CAN SEND YOU A VIRTUAL  WALK THRU VIA E-MAIL   IF YOUR GROUP IS  AT ALL INTERESTED IN THE ABOVE YOU SHOULD VIEW AND GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. CALL US FOR A SHOWING 402 438-2234 -H 402-416-2875-C CE66396@MSN.COM  Please check back, as new information will be added to this website as it becomes available.   To be put on a waiting list now, just print off your tenant  applications ,  fill them out and bring them with you when you view the property or send them to : Chuck Earley EagleCreek Apartments 5219 Garland St Lincoln, Nebraska 68504 We will evaluate your applications and get back to you as to your place on the waiting list. As always, we will do all that we can to make your stay with us pleasant. ----------------------------------------- Dear Tenants: We want you to be happy  with the choice that you made to stay with us.   So let us know if you have a problem with your apartment, and we will be
there to take care of it.