UPDATE 3/22/2020 We are full for next school year if you submitted applications and would like to be added to 2021-22 waiting lists please email or text me. Thank you Welcome to Eagle Creek Apartments and Homes, Home Page.  Here you will find information on all of The Eagle Creek Properties, and a whole lot more!  If you are a prospective tenant, a current tenant, or a past tenant,  this site has all kinds of information ... from information about your Lease, to availability of properties, (left hand side of page). Leasefrequently asked question, utility page, tenant general information,  parking assignment page, they are all here. For those of you who don't know me, I should introduce myself.  My name is Chuck Earley, and over the last 22 years, with the help from my two sons, Michael, and Ryan, and my wife Nancy and a God given determination ...  we have managed to build three apartment buildings which now make up "Eagle Creek Apartments".   All are close to Nebr. Wesleyan University and the U.N.L. East Campus. therefore, each property was specifically designed and built with the student in mind. Eagle Creek a fourplex (three bedrooms and two baths) when up first, back in 96. We named it after my Grandfather's ranch near O'Neill, Nebraska. The same ranch I climbed the 50 foot windmill when I was five and the same eagle creek my dad and brother and I went swimming in as kids, sometimes coming out covered with leaches , but with great memories. Four years latter we built Little Eagle Creek, (three bedrooms and three baths), three townhouses. One year after that, Little Eagle Creek II went up (two bedrooms and 2 and 1/2 baths). ALL our units have: washers and dryers, provided and oak wood work.. Many have decks overlooking University Place Park, fireplaces, skylights, and stair lights, as well as a bathroom for every bedroom. We learned what our tenants wanted, built and remodeled accordingly. To obtain the land to build the Little Eagle Creek project, we actually had to move two houses to other lots and new foundations within this city. I do have many stories about all that, that would take hours to tell. The bottom line was we did not want those houses in the landfill, so to me, we had to move them, and what an ordeal that was. We moved our last house, four years late, to make room for a future apartment project. That home went just two blocks down the street from the Little Eagle Creek complex. My wife and I now call it home which puts us close to our work, (our apartments)... So we live in the neighborhood and are there to take care of whatever may go wrong with an apartment, for our tenants. Who never have to call us twice. Our goal is to keep all of these properties updated and in like new condition, and offer them at a fair price.  We do most everything we legally can ourself, which holds down rent and increases quality. We also strive to make a special effort  to get to know our tenants, and to quickly take care of any problems that they may have with their apartment..  What sets us apart from larger rental companies, is the fact, that we are owner-managed. We are more hands on, and therefore, do take great pride in the quality of our apartments, as well as our tenants, and their housing needs. I don’t know, but to me, we are doing things right when our tenants are happy with their apartment and it’s management, nothing less. The location of the apartments to major colleges in the Lincoln area is also a big plus. Smaller, quieter buildings, as well as our competitive prices and being located in one of Lincoln's safest neighborhoods, all help to make good housing experiences. We have had the privilege to have many outstanding individuals stay with us ... all students.  We still have correspondence with many past tenants. Some just drive by when they are in town, like Dan did a few months back. I happened to be out front of his old apartment at the time, he stopped, we got caught up some and it turns out he is now the principal at a large high school, in his home town. How cool that was seeing him after so many years. There are good memories being made here for us and our tenants, we know that and are happy to be even a very small part of them. Here is a list I have keep around for many years and it has helped me on my path in life ( I do not know the author) and offer it only for your consideration. God is real. Know Him, communicate with Him, love Him, thank Him, and trust Him to do what, only He knows; is in your best interest.   What happen at Fatima and Guadalupe can not be explained scientifically Don’t block His graces by stress, and worry. True peace can not be achieved through earthly things. Family should to be a place of refuge , a place of unconditional love, Count your blessings daily, it could be worse. Keep His commandments Keep your word Embrace righteousness, humility, charity, love, and understanding. Don’t hurt, or be cruel to any innocent creature. Thanks for visiting our web page, look around and if you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you.  I hope that through this site, current tenants will have an even easier way to keep in touch with us via e-mail , text, or phone  and find within these web pages the needed information to care for their apartment or house, all of which will make property management even more efficient! Thanks for choosing Eagle Creek Apartments                                          CU around                                                Chuck
UPDATED 03/22//2020 contact us ce66396@msn.com 402-416-2875 AVAILABILITY LIST UNW, UNL East Campus, UNL Main Campus, UNMC , and Bryan Nursing, Students For school year 2020-2021 ----------------- As of now we have nothing available for next school year. All units looking for roommates have found them.. If you have submitted applications and would like to be placed on 2021-22 school year waiting list please e-mail me at ce66396@msn.com Thank you for looking at  EagleCreek Apartments  Never to early in past years we have had waiting lists begin to form in Aug -Sept for units coming available in the following  June. WE CAN SEND YOU A VIRTUAL  WALK THRU VIA E-MAIL   IF YOUR GROUP IS  AT ALL INTERESTED IN THE ABOVE YOU SHOULD VIEW AND GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. CALL US FOR A SHOWING 402-416-2875-C CE66396@MSN.COM  Please check back, as new information will be added to this website as it becomes available.   To be put on a waiting list now, just print off your tenant  applications ,  fill them out and bring them with you when you view the property or send them to : Chuck Earley EagleCreek Apartments 5219 Garland St Lincoln, Nebraska 68504 ----------------------------------------- HOME PAGE