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 FAQ/useful info.    Frequently Asked Questions: Q:  What do I do if my room mate is violating the lease by smoking in the apartment or       having a pet, am I responsible for the damages also, am I in violation of the lease too? A:  You need to report it to us immediately, otherwise you and your room mate are both in       violation of the lease, will both be held responsible and maybe even evicted.         There is one lease per property and all of the room mates signed it.  If one room mate is       in violation then all are.  You can e-mail or text us and if at all possible we will keep your       report confident. Q: Do you allow gas grills? A:  Yes, but you must use them responsibly, never use a gas grill next to the vinyl siding       on the building or the wood on the decks, the heat from the grill will warped and melt the          siding and could start a fire.  You must place something below the grill for the grease        to drip into also.  I you do those thing they are fine to use. Up date from the city 08/08/05 grills are not allowed on decks any more due to fire risk. Q: Which parking stalls are assigned to our apartment? A: The Parking Stall assignments are in this Web Site click Parking Assignment. Q:  What  watt light bulbs should I buy? A:   Never use more than a 40 watt bulb in your bathroom vanity light, & 60 watts elsewhere EXCEPT       STEP LIGHTS THEY ARE 25W. Q:  What should we do if all of us are going to be gone for an extended period, like over       Spring Break or Christmas? A:  There are a few things that  you should do with your house or apartment:             *  Make sure that all of your windows are locked             *  Leave on some lights             *  Leave you heat set at 55, or greater, during the winter months             *  Stop your mail and Newspaper before you leave             *  Dead bolt your exit doors, as you leave             *  E-mail or text us and tell us what your plans are, so we can keep an eye on your place.  Q:   I smoke outside.  What should I do with the cigarette butts? A:   Do not throw them on the ground.  Get a coffee can and fill it with some kitty litter, and put        your butts in that. Q:   How do we report a lease violation, such as load music or parties? A:   That should not happen ...  but in the real world, it sometimes does.  E-mail us with the        Apartment number of the offending party, and let us know  what is going on, and we will        take it from there.  We take any lease violation very seriously.   We will not tell the        offending party who reported them.  Click  to view the Lease Q:   If I want to burn candles occasionally,  what can I do to lessen the smoke it causes? A:   Please limit, and be responsible in your candle burning.   Excessive candle burning darkens the ceiling and walls. To cut down on smoke from candles, always use good quality candles and trim the wicks to 1/4 inch or less before using. Excessive candle burning, even with the trimming of wicks, will discolor the ceiling which then will need to be painted. That charge will  come out of your deposit. Q:  What about furnace filters? A:    On all disposable filters, there is an arrow, which indicates air flow.  (It always point         towards the furnace.)  Pull out the old filter, and note the size.  Go to Menards and buy         the same size filter.   It is important that the furnace filter be changed every few months.         By doing so, your air-conditioner and heater works much better, and the living areas stay         dust-free.  Note: Furnace filters in some apartments may be hard to pull out of the         furnace.  Therefore, it may be a  good idea for all of Little Eagle Creek to buy  disposable filters that         are the same width but several inches longer making it easier next time to remove the filter                     from the furnace, when it is time to change         again.  If you do this, you cannot use the tin slider door on the  furnace, which hides the         filter which is ok.  Just put the tin door somewhere in the furnace room.   Q:    What should I clean my shower and tub with? A:    Never use anything abrasive on bathtubs or showers, as it will scratch their surface.   We         use  CLR and warm water. Please don't use CLR on your gold tub and shower         fixtures (Little Eagle Creek town houses only), because it can harm the finish. See Tub and Shower         cleaning tips in our tenant information page for more information. Q:    What if I get locked out of my apartment or house? A:    Put  Our Phone Numbers  in your cell phone 402-416-2875 now so you have it. Then if you get         locked out just call or text me.         We will  let you in, and not charge you a dime!   Lock-outs happen. Q:   Can we go month-to-month after our lease is up? A:    We try not to have any apartments or houses open-up during the school year.  Therefore,         you  can go month-to-month only during the summer months, the latest being July.  Month to         month means the day your lease was to expire, it will now be extended to the same day in the next         month and expire on that day. IOW if your lease was to expire on May 30th and you choose to         stay one month, it will expire then on June 30th, two month -it will expire on July 30th.  After        July 30, you need to commit to us for another school year, or move.  Sorry! Q:    Can I give my thirty day notice any time, if I am renting month-to-month?  A:    No.  You must give your notice 30 days in advance of or before the first of the month,          prior to  you moving out.   An example would be:  you wanted to move out Aug 1st.  You          would need to let us know via e-mail, or letter, on or before July 1st.          Please note because we are talking about notices, that with your lease now we are requiring two          months notices or more in most cases. Q:    We can not figure out how to work our dishwasher. A:     If you have any problem with any appliances,  e-mail, or call /text 402-16-2875 us.  We can help. Q:    When we roll out our windows, sometimes the roller comes off the track.  What should          we do? A:    Call /text 402-416-2875 me asap Q:   What do we do when our lease is ending and we move out of our apartment? A:    We expect the unit back as you received it. So you need to clean it up before you leave. You will be charged for bringing the unit back to the condition you received it./re-rentable  We clean the carpet the charge for this is in your lease,, but any carpet stains that do not come out with cleaning is charged against your deposit, we also paint the wall of which there is not a charge, but if we have to paint the ceiling there is a charge. Typical high price Cleaning  charges are for the follows : Refrigerator $55.00 Stove -$30, Tub and shower-$45 ,whole bathrooms can run $80.  It pays to clean BACK TO THE TOP OF PAGE