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Past Tenant Comments

 We are going to miss (or do miss) all of these outstanding people. 

I am proud of all of them, and consider them friends.  God Bless

you all, and the very best to you that life can give.  Please stay in-



Chuck and Family

Chuck and Nancy;

Thank You so much for showing us our new house last weekend. 

I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules.  We

are really excited about moving in and look forward to a great


God Bless-

Kristin and Justin


Subject: I long for Eagle Creek


Matt here all the way from Los Angeles, California. How are things

going back in the Mid-west?  ( ie, a place where things make

sense).  LA is a crazy place needless to say, but I am enjoying the

twists and turns of life.  I wanted to tell you I came back to Lincoln

for about a week for my best friend's wedding. When I was back I

stayed with my friend Brooke in the Eagle Creek apartments there

on 49th and Walker. I must say Chuck , even though I was use to

living without the comforts of a Chuck Early apartment, that was

one of the most enjoyable stays of my life. You run a set of

properties, and my only regret is not discovering them sooner in

my academic career.  Hope things are well back home.  Please

say hello to your lovely wife for me.


oh yeah, people here in LA almost pass out when I tell them I

stayed in such an amazing apartment in Lincoln. (they're even

more suprized when I tell them the landlord actually fixed things)


We just wanted to say thank you and wish you and your family a

Merry Christmas! We don't tell you enough but we truely

appreciate all you do for us the whole year thru.  Thanks so much

.... you're the best!

Jami, Lyndsey, Amy and Mary Beth


I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for us!  You have

been working so hard making sure the snow around the

apartments is manageable for us.  Thank your also for helping my

freind get his car unstuck the other day .  You are a wonderful

person and landlord who always has a smile on your face.  We

appreciate everything!

Krystal Sarah and Ann


You know that we reeally appreciate all the scooping you have

done for us.  The snow keeps coming! Thank you


Michelle and Kara

Chuck and Nancy:

 Thanks for everything that you do to make this a great place to

live.  It is nice to have Landlords that care so much!


Chuck and Family:

Thanks for all you've done for us--You've been so good to us.!

          Nikki and Kerstin


Thanks so much for all you do for us!   We really appreciate you

coming over to solve all our small crisis'!  Once again, our New

Year's resolution will be to get the trash out on time.   We hope

your holidays were happy!  Thanks again!

         The Girls at 57

Dear Earley's:   I honestly can't think of a better place to live, or a

better landlord to have!   You've made living here such a pleasure

... Thanks for all you do!  God Bless,


Thanks for always looking out for us, and being such a great



Chuck n Crew:  We just wanted to say thank you for scooping out

our driveway!   We can't even tell you how much we appreciated

it!   Thanks for everything!

          Katie, Maggie, Sarah, Breann, and Wendi

Dear Chuck and Nancy:  Thanks for all your hard work in getting

our apartment ready!   We appreciate your hard work!   The girls

in #1.

          Diane , Susie, Jamie, and Kerri

Dear Chuck and Family:   We all appreciate how well you take

care of us!   Have a great year!

          Mindy, Kim and Mary

Chuck, Nancy, & family:   We just wanted to say thanks for all of

your hard work on our house!   WE LOVE IT!!  Thanks!

          The Girls


It has truly been a pleasure being one of your tenants, and I

sincerely believe that you are a great landlord and person.  Thank

you for all that you have done for us over the last two years. Good

luck in all that you do, and let me know if I can help with anything.

            Dan K.