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APARTMENT FEATURES & REMINDERS:  Bath Tub/Showers:   When cleaning the bathtub or shower, never use anything abrasive.  It will leave  small, noticeable scratches in the fiberglass. I have found that CLR (available at Menard’s) or just a  vinegar and water solution  and a sponge or a magic eraser, works well. Start spraying unit down daily for  a week or so after your shower and then use the sponge or eraser along with hot water to remove what is  left of the soap scum.  Never use CLR on your Gold Bath Fixtures (Silver is ok to use CLR or vinegar on,)  it can take the gold finish off., or dull it.  Do not worry about cleaning the gold bath fixtures (LEC  TOWNHOUSES ONLY)  we will do it and not charge for it.   AGAIN: (Do not use harsh detergents or  scouring pads on tub or showers, as it will permanently scratch them.)  Cable:   I can activate the cable in numerous places in each apartment. Please call me if more places are  needed.  Candles:    Please limit your candle burning.   Excessive candle burning darkens the ceiling and walls. To  cut down on smoke from candles, always use good quality candles and trim the wicks to 1/4 inch or less  before using. Excessive candle burning, even with the trimming of wicks, will discolor the ceiling which  then will need to be painted. Any  ceiling painting charge will come out of your deposit.  Ceiling Fans:   Almost all rooms have ceiling fans that are activated by a wall switch. The speed can be  adjusted with the pull chain.   When cleaning the fan blades, we use a "Swifter Cloth", (can get them  anywhere).  Christmas Break/Spring Break:   If all of the tenants will be gone for a week or more, please let us know  via e-mail.  Please leave your heat set at 55 degrees or greater.  It is also a good idea to leave a light on  in your apartment, lock all windows, stop mail and Newspaper service, and dead bolt all exit door upon  leaving.  This can discourage someone from attempting to break into your apartment.  Cleaning:  You should "deep" clean your apartment or house several times while you are living there.  This  will make final cleaning much easier, and assure more of your deposit is returned.  If an apartment or  house has not been thoroughly  cleaned once or twice a year, it makes the final cleaning a hard, and long  project.  Which will be costly, if we have to do it.   Simply start at the ceiling and work to the floor so you do not forget to do anything. Example start with your ceiling fan, light fixture, light switches face plate, wood  work, and carpet or tile. Bathrooms : vanity light, medicine cabinet , vanity top, sink, vanity base. vanity  drawers, floor, then shower tubs(see above on cleaning these), toilet (inside bowl and sides and behind,  then floor. Repeat with all rooms, ceiling to floor.  Large deposit drainers are Refrigerator. Stoves, showers /tubs (see correct way to clean them above),  cabinets, toilets, laundry rooms. window and blinds, floor.  Counter Top:   Do not sit on the kitchen bar over-hang of the counter top, as it may not hold the  weight.  Don't use your counter as a cutting block, as it will damage the top.  Dead Bolt Locks:   Your apartment doors have digital dead bolt locks, which are not keyed to your door  knob. Door Bell:   Your apartment has a back door and a front door bell.  One tone is for the back.  Two tones is  for the front. LEC #1 has ring video doorbell cam on the front door, you will need a smart phone and the  ring app to view.  Electrical Panel:   Your electrical panel ( Fuse Box ) is located behind the door on the ground level  bathroom in the townhouse. In others look behind bathroom doors.  Fireplace:   Your fireplace is very economical and realistic.  You can use it summer or winter (it has a  heater) for pennies a day.  The front panel pulls down so you can adjust the flame, and use the heater as  needed.  Fireplaces are in the 3 bedroom townhouse units LEC, only  There are fire extinguishers in the laundry or furnace rooms in many apartments just in case of fire  and for your safety. Just unsnap it from it’s holder on the wall, pull red pin, aim at the base of a fire, and  shoot in a swiping action. If the fire is large get just get out to safety and call 911 for help.  Insurance:   It is always a good idea to have Renter’s Insurance on your personal belongings.      Laundry:   Your apartment is furnished with a washer and dryer.  Please try to do a full load on a low water  level. (Rent may need to be adjusted if water bills are too high.) It is a violation of the lease to be doing  others (none tenants) laundry. We have high efficiency washers in many apartments so use the right soap,  look for HE on the soap bottle. Do not use regular detergent in HE washers , AND do not over load.  Light Bulbs:  Your light fixtures take up to a 60 watt bulb, except stair light they are 25W only. Never  use a higher watt bulb.    Locked out:   If you get locked out of your apartment, please call/text 402-416-2875 me, and I will unlock  your door.  Never try to remove a screen or pry a locked door, as it will cause damage, and the cost of the  repair will come out of your deposit.  Put Our Phone Numbers in your cell phone.  Mini Blinds:   The wands on each of the mini blinds will open or close the blinds.  Do not try to close or  open them more by turning the wand.  This will strip the gears, and ruin the blinds.  When Cleaning Mini  Blinds, plan on spending some time.  We wipe each blind off with a "Swifter Cloth".   If you know of an  easier way, let us know! Parking:  Parking stalls in the lot are assigned.  (Parking is also available on both sides of Garland Street,  on the west side of 51st Street, and on the rock road on 51st Street across Garland Street.)  for eagle  creek there is residential parking  on both sides of 49th Street, (the commercial businesses and the police  like to take up much of the area along this street during work hours, which is unfair to people living in the  area) you are entitled to this parking not them, plan accordingly. Please do not park in front of the main  entry sidewalk, or in front of the mail boxes.   For your assigned stalls, click on Parking Assignment. Parties:   Parties cause damage and disruption to neighbors.  It is best to take your parties somewhere  else, and come home to a quiet, clean apartment.  College parties seem to get away from hosts, and can  become uncontrollable at times. These will not be tolerated. The lease can be terminated and/or not  renewed.  So please consider the consequences, before having a party.   Respect your neighbors right to  a peaceful, friendly place to live.  This is a nice neighborhood.  Please pitch in and keep it that way.  Smoke Alarms:   The Smoke alarms have back-up batteries.  If the batteries get low, the alarm will cheep.   Call me, and I will put in a new battery.  Storms and Terrorism:   The safest place in your apartment during storms, is under the stairs.  The closet  has a plug and a light in it.  In the townhouses. In EC and  LECii your bathroom maybe the safest spot.  Stove: Your stove has a self-cleaning feature.  Therefore, never activate the self-cleaning function with  food inside. You can not open the stove until the self-cleaning function is completed.  (Any food in the  stove will be ashes.)  If you have any questions on your appliances, please call me.  Thermostat:   The thermostat for your heat pump and back-up electric heat is digital.   Just set the mode  (AC/Heat/Off), the temperature you want  (78 is normal, but every degree higher will save 10-20% on A/C  costs, as well as every degree lower, will save on heating cost in the winter).  It will continue to give you a  readout on the inside temperature also. LEC townhouses have all been up graded to NEST thermostat  they are remote controlled as well as manually, you will need a smart phone and the Nest app for remote   access feature.  For this system to work right,  you must keep a clean furnace filter in the furnace, and eliminate  unneeded heat sources such as lights left on, computer monitors,and TV's left on when not  being used, especially during the summer months. For more information on how to keep your electric  bills low visit the  LES Web Site Every apartment has a water on the floor sensor.. This will go off if it senses water. Water on the floor  should never happen but in the real world it does occasionally. Usually by a leaky washing machine  but mainly by a plugged up condensation tub off the air conditioning unit. When you hear this  sensor start to beep call me : 4024162875 or text me. I need to fix this right away so it does not do  damage please call me asap. If it is in the middle of the night please take the battery out of the sensor and  put towels down on the floor to absorb the water and call me first thing in the morning. Thanks  Tile Floors:   Your tile floors can become slick when wet.  To clean, simply sweep and wet mop with warm  water.  Vinyl flooring is cleaned the same way. Toilets and faucets:   Any running toilets or leaky faucets needs my immediate attention.  Please  call me, so that I can fix it. A running toilet for one day can cost hundreds of dollars.  With the government  requiring low water toilets, sooner or later, you will have one get plugged up when you flush.  When this  happens, shut off the water to the toilet.  The valve is near the floor behind each stool.  Plunge the toilet  and re-flush.  Then turn the water back on at the valve. (There is one plunger per bathroom.) 
E A G L E    C R E E K    A P A R T M E N T Tenant information 2400 North 49th Street Lincoln, NE 68504. TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITY PLEASE HAVE THE UTILITIES  PUT IN YOUR NAME- START DOING THIS  4 DAYS BEFORE MOVE IN DATE. IT CAN TAKES THAT LONG. For more information on these and others, click Utilities: Light bulbs and Furnace filters are your responsibility.  (Please change the furnace filter once every couple of months.) Mail is delivered at approximately 11:30am m-sat.  Write MAIL CARRIER a short note with the names of the residents in your apartment, so that he can put your names on your mailbox. The mailboxes are not lockable, per the Post Office request. Rent: Please put the rent money together each month in one envelope per apartment, and get it to me by the 5th of each month.  There is a $25.00 late fee, if rent is not received by the 5th.  Rent can be paid by personal check,money order, Cash, or bitcoin, litcoin, or ethereum, (if you would like to pay rent via crypto currency contact me to get it set up) DEPOSIT iF you were given 3 months to get to me your damage/cleaning  deposit, you need to keep track of that and make sure it is done within that time frame NOTE: If damage is done to your bedroom or personal bathroom (if you have one), cost to repair will come from your deposit, same with needed cleaning to bring area back to how it was when you moved in (re-rent-able).   Damage /cleaning to any other area (common area), will come out of all tenant's deposits Should you use up your deposit on repairs or cleaning you will need to add more funds to your deposit to bring it to the level you established upon move in or that which was dictated by our rental agreement.  Please refer to the  Additional Provisions in the lease itself, for other restrictions on smoking, pets, Parties,carpet cleaning and candle burning etc. If you have any questions, please call us:                                                                                                       402-416-2875    (Chuck’s Cell)